Original music for traditional classical ballet or contemporary class featuring piano, solo cello, and symphonic strings.

Arshak Sirunyan presents a collection of 27 meticulously composed and recorded original compositions. Departing from traditional piano accompaniment for ballet class, Sirunyan’s new CD features piano, solo cello, and symphonic strings to challenge and inspire students in a traditional classical ballet or contemporary class.

“The music in this album goes beyond serving as a tool for a ballet class. For me, the release of this recording marks 13 years of extensive experience and inspiration gained from working closely with many extraordinary dancers. Throughout the creative process, I found myself rediscovering my immense passion for dance. The serendipitous meeting of my love of music and my love of dance, especially in the studio, led to my incorporating solo cello and symphonic strings, providing me an inexhaustible variety of musical ideas to create this collection for the classroom.”

A. Sirunyan


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Arthur Kalpakchian

Dear Arshak, I am going through such a hard time to express my feelings…
Indescribably overjoyed… each and every one of 27 tracks can be crown jewel of the highest ranked composer of the existence or past.
Your generous release of so many brilliant compositions in one single volume, creates foolish impression of effortlessness; obviously every adequate one understand how much time, talent and endeavor takes to create the fraction of the presented, but what’s interesting is that previous Hoodman’s Blind was also saturated with exceptional music, that others would reveal in few releases, which makes me feel your confidence in never-ending spring of your talent.
At last, I am Congratulating You with new achievement and expressing a big happiness for Armenian Nation,
that still capable to bring into society such a Great People.
Thank you very much,
God bless You, your family and the upcoming one 🙂

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